Top Four Causes of Timing Belt Problems That You Should Know

If you have a car, one of the top indicators of its health is the timing belt. The belts are designed to connect the vehicle crankshaft and camshaft so that the upper and lower sections of the vehicle engine operate in harmony. Damage to the timing belt can cause serious problems including overheating and lack of power. To ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, delivers more power, and guarantees longer lifespan, you need to understand the main causes of timing problems and have them corrected immediately.

i) Misalignment

This is one of the main causes of timing belt failure in most engines. Misalignment can easily result to uneven tooth wear, tensile failure, and belt tracking. By carefully checking and ensuring that the timing pulleys and shafts are aligned, you are sure of increasing the lifespan of the belts and reducing downtime.

ii) Overloading

If there is overloading, the timing belt teeth are likely to start sheering off. Overloading could also result to tensile failure and tooth wear. To address this problem, you need to consider redesigning the drive. The same way experts recommend perfect designing and fitting of top belts such as ax98 for optimal performance, addressing overloading will require drive redesign.

iii) Damaged/ worm pulleys

If the timing pulleys are worn or damaged, the belt life will be reduced with a huge percentage. Worn teeth can easily make the belt to get damaged. Gouges can easily cut the timing belt and compromise its efficiency. To address the problem, you need to regularly inspect the pulleys and replace those that show signs of wearing away.

iv) Dirt on the timing drive

This is perhaps the most overlooked problem, but that poses huge risk of damaging the timing belt. If dirt accumulates on the teeth, it can abrade the system and make the oil to attack belt materials. It is important to use a stiff brush to regularly brush off dirt, rust, and loose particles.

While it is true that the timing belt will ultimately fail through loss of teeth via normal wear, other failures are considered abnormal. Just like experts recommend you take of top belts such as ax98, it is important have the timing belt checked regularly to ensure that issues are identified fixed early enough.